Beyond Black Tyre Pro

The No Gloss Finish That Shines
Manufacturer: Surf City Garage
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What goes best with clean shiny wheels? Tires that look brand new. Nothing else helps your ride look its best more than clean wheels and tires, so use Beyond Black tire dressing. It’s got a no sling, no gel formula. No thick, glossy look here. Beyond Black puts that straight-off-the-showroom-floor shine on your tires. It even helps extend their life and protect them from UV rays. What could be better? Oh yeah – it lasts for weeks. Get Beyond Black and get the look of brand new tires.

(1) Shake before use.
(2) Spray tire until fully coated. Spread with a clean cloth for an even shine.
(3) Allow to dry before driving car. Warning: Do not use on motorcycle tires, seating surfaces, pedals or any surfaces that would be hazardous if slippery.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip: For best results with Beyond Black Tire Pro, first use Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner. Cleaning the tires first gives Beyond Black the ability to create a stronger bond to the tires and offers a longer lasting shine. Plus, Beyond Black isn’t just for tires – it also works great on vinyl tops and its powerful UV protection adds years to their life.

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24oz / 710ml

$27.00 incl tax
15oz Aerosol

$15.95 incl tax
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