Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner

The Safest Deal For Every Wheel
Manufacturer: Surf City Garage
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Here’s the one wheel cleaner safe for any wheel or any tyre. That means any metals, any alloys, even ones clear coated or painted. No matter what, where or when, if it’s a wheel or tyre, Beyond Steel will safely clean every square inch. Even if your wheels have been through the mud, just 30 seconds of Beyond Steel makes the difference. Just spray it on and watch the dirt melt away with absolutely no damage to your paint.

Directions for Use:
(1) Let tire and wheel cool to the touch. (2) Shake before use. (3) Spray over tire and wheel until fully coated. Wait a few minutes. (4) Rinse with hose or pressure washer. (5) For very stubborn stains, repeat.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:
After Beyond Steel, your tires deserve Beyond Black Tire Pro. And if your wheels have been to war and back, Perfect Polish is the way to go. But if they started off almost perfect, go straight to Diamond Edge Wheel Dressing.

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