Shine On™ Sealer & Glaze System

The World’s First Nanoprecision Detailing System
Manufacturer: Surf City Garage
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You need two ingredients to get the most brilliant shine possible. It all starts with the Surf City Garage Shine On Sealer and Glaze System, which you’re holding in your hands. The first ingredient is patience–24 hours to be exact. You see, that’s how long it takes.

Step 1: Nano-Seal Protective Coat–-our proprietary Nanoprecision Sealer–-to fill 100% of the pores in your paint, pores so small you’d need a super-powerful microscope just to see them. Why does that matter? Because every unsealed pore–even the ones you can’t see–absorbs light, seriously degrading your shine. But every sealed pore reflects light, making your ultimate shine more brilliant than ever. The second ingredient is your demand for perfect glaze, and that’s what Step 2: Nano-Shine Glaze Coat does. Nano-Shine’s proprietary gloss-enhancing polymers are clear coat safe and the only way to give your car a 100% Nanoprecision Gloss. You’ll get a mirror finish that’s as smooth as glass, one that stays that way since dust and dirt won’t have anything to hold on to. And Nano-Shine even makes your car easier to wash, plus it keeps working even after hundreds of washings.

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2 x 16oz / 475ml

$84.99 incl tax
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