Our Enthusiast Grade™ carnauba-rich waxes, sealers & glazes take even the dullest paint surface, restore it to like-new condition and keep it looking that way for a long, long time – all with maximum protection, safety and shine.

Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax

Picture of Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax
The Purest Ingredients. The Deepest Gloss.

From $29.99 incl tax

Beyond Clay - NEW

Picture of Beyond Clay - NEW
Beyond Clay makes a clay bar obsolete - it does everything a clay bar does plus so much more.

From $26.95 incl tax

Black Edge™ Spray Wax

Picture of Black Edge™ Spray Wax

$24.95 incl tax

Black Edge™ Wax

Picture of Black Edge™ Wax

$34.95 incl tax

Nano Glaze™ Gloss Coat

Picture of Nano Glaze™ Gloss Coat

From $22.95 incl tax

Nano Seal™ Protective Coat

Picture of Nano Seal™ Protective Coat
The World’s First Nanoprecision Sealer

From $25.95 incl tax

Shine On™ Sealer & Glaze System

Picture of Shine On™ Sealer & Glaze System
The World’s First Nanoprecision Detailing System

$84.99 incl tax